About Us

Hi, I’m Karen Lombardo. I am a second generation Italian and I am the force behind Pasta on the Floor.

I started this blog to get me through being laid off from a major Manhattan law firm in 2009. Several hundred of us experienced that life changing event. I actually called President Obama to ask him to get it together and straighten out this economy so I could go back work. I must apologize once again to the lovely woman at the White House who listened to me cry on the phone that day.

Pasta on the Floor became a culmination of life events during a day in the life of a professional, a wife, a mother and a few other assorted titles I have picked up these past few years. My Italian heritage and all that goes with it is intermixed throughout the site.

I am so happy to have a life so full of inspiration and blog topics along with a few recipes to keep my hands in the pot, so to speak. I hope you enjoy reading these tales.

Feel free to contact me at pastaonthefloor@yahoo.com.