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Maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly back in January when I decided that I would need more than one resolution to make a change in 2015. No, I think I was right.  I’m not convinced it worked, but I think I was right. The list below reflects all the things I wanted to work on each month, some with success, some not so much. All in all, it forced me to think of myself in a way that would look for small and simple changes to make in order to improve.  Well guess what? It just may take a few more years to get this right.

  • January:  push-up challenge
  • February:  take it slow month
  • March:  time to just breathe
  • April:  sit up straight
  • May:  refrain from commenting on my husband’s terrible driving
  • June: I need to get fresh
  • July:  simplify
  • August:  letting it be
  • September: it is what it is
  • October:  self-acceptance
  • November: Believe

This month I want to relaxI want to enjoy the holidays and the 11 Christmas trees (three of them real) disbursed throughout my house. Looking back on these past 11 months, it sometimes was stressful.  Shouldn’t the holidays be the time to just chill with family and friends?  Without Guilt?  Without Judgement?  Without Scrutiny?  I say yes!

And my first order of business- no Christmas baking.  I absolutely despise baking. I hate to follow the rules and be calm, quiet and precise.  So no, no baking.  Maybe just a few favorites but that’s it. Ahhh, I feel more relaxed already.

Next, I am going to take the remainder of my vacation days. Amelia will be home, Lord help me, Jack is learning to drive so I am going to ‘be present’.  That’s all, no agenda, just be present.

Finally, peace is within reach.  I love Christmas and all that comes with it. So I’m going to relax, take it in and enjoy it.  2016 will be here soon enough and I will need to think of a new list.  Maybe not resolutions but a Bucket List!


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