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A Note To My College Graduate.

Amelia, I could start this out with so many thoughts and sayings about graduation such as, “We are so proud.,” or “Congratulations,” but that’s not you is it? No, it is not. My words  of wisdom and joy to you are “You are no longer driving the struggle bus!” You are on your way now.

These four years have gone by with so many challenges and joys. I have loved being a part of it, yet, those never-ending questions! I hope you never stop asking and here are a few of my favorites:

They all begin with, “Mom, I have a question.”

  • Can I pour hot water on my car to melt the ice?
  • OMG, I found a spot on my leg do you think its cancer or a tick bite? Wait, I’ll send you a picture.
  • How do I make ……?
  • I’m in Wegman’s where is the ……?
  • I promise I used sunscreen but what do I put on a sunburn?

Now in all fairness, I am sure you loved my constant questioning:

  • Do you have your personal safety device on you?
  • Did you lock your house?
  • Do I have to make you watch Taken again?
  • Do you need money?
  • Don’t stop on the thruway to go to the bathroom if it’s dark.
  • What time did you get home last night?

Please don’t stop calling me with questions now that you are a college graduate. I may not be able to answer them all the time, but I will try. Soon the day will come when I am calling you asking questions or looking for help. Be patient with me, it’s hard, I know.

I am in Perreca’s writing this having toast and coffee thinking of my grandma Amelia and starting to tear up so it’s time to go. I love you seems so trite but it’s true.

The world is waiting for you Amelia. Go show them how it’s done.




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