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Couple Holding Hands

When 2 become 1.

When 2 become 1. I bet you thought this was going to be a story about a wedding day or some romantic notion about a couple? A joining of two hearts, a merging of similar passions. Not so much. You need to be there for your person. This story is about being there for your person. That one individual that you connect with for strength, happiness, a hug, or just to share a thought.  That would be your person. Grey’s Anatomy…

Marshmallow Snowman In A Red Mug Of Cocoa.

Holiday Wishes.

I love Christmas. We are just five short days away from the most magical day of the year. As the 25th draws near, my melancholy mood increases. Each year I go through this, and each year Chip reminds me to enjoy every single moment of it. I know, I know. I never want this season to end. I love the smell of the four, yes four live trees in the house. (I just added a fresh tree to the bathroom.…

Inspirational Beach Scene With Typographic Quote

A chain of events teaching life lessons.

So often, a series of events occurs that causes us to pause. This past month, these events presented themselves to me with a one-two-three punch. I’d like to share these with you and perhaps impart some unsolicited wisdom. My 81 year old mother. Last month my mother took a terrible spill at home. At some point during the early afternoon, she fell in the kitchen. She cut her head terribly and by most accounts had laid there for hours. Upon…

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Seriously you ask, you’re telling us it’s your birthday. Yes. I. Am. Why? Because a birthday is a wonderful thing. A celebration of another year of life with family and friends, receiving wishes for the same in the upcoming year. So many people, ladies, especially us, dread the birthday. Ah, the years ticking by…yada, yada, yada. Not me. I am proud to roar out “I am 57 years old”! Aging is a gift that sadly so many do not receive.…

Chocolate Espresso Guinness Cake

Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe was posted by Nigella Lawson, originally on December 8, 2004. Her recipe for this cake is super easy, yet I could not help but tweak it and make it my own. Here is the amended recipe (I took a few liberties) for Chocolate Espresso Guinness Cake.