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My family and I are on vacation this week.  We left behind all the driving and carting back and forth from crew and the usual stresses of home, I hope, to come to the lake. Everything is better at the lake, right? We sleep better, eat better and relax with abandon, hmm.

Both fortunately and unfortunately I had some free time this afternoon to read a trashy novel and get some sun on the dock. I maneuvered my chair at least ten times to insure I was getting the full face-on-view of the sun. We are on the west side of the Lake so you lose the sun on the dock around 3:00 or so.  I stayed until the very last ray was on my face and then decided to give it a go on the float… to keep this old body in the sun a bit longer.

I was able to get on the tube without a bathing suit malfunction, a curse word, or an ungraceful tip over into the lake. It’s looking good.

I paddled lazy circles around the dock thinking of the great summer times I had as a child, a young adult, a college student and a wife and mother.  Damn, I have been lucky.  I am mixing many thoughts in my head and I must have drifted over a bit towards the neighbor’s dock.  I hear voices, male voices, and noises, like they are constructing something. My glasses are off and tucked into my bathing suit top…no tan lines from glasses, right?

My eyes open to two very large, very big men working on the dock next door.  One of them waves, actually, a very sweet wave. I’m thinking this LL Bean Bathing Suit Tank-ini was a good idea. So I wave and smile back. Instantly he says to me, “Wanna trade places?”  I cannot believe I said this and so help me,  this is the truth, I replied, “I don’t think you want me touching your power tool”.  There was an awkward silence, for what seemed like an hour and I quickly paddled away.  As I spun the float around, I caught a glimpse of what only can be described as a plumber’s butt.  Even without my glasses. I think you get the picture.

I am going to take this exchange of banter and chalk it up as a casual flirt.  I need it to be  flirtatious.  Anything else is just scary. I am so lucky my husband flirts with me still.  It makes the kids say, “ew”, but I don’t care. I love it.

My new friends and I parted ways and I thought this interchange required more than a Coke Zero. I poured something nice and cold with a slice of orange and I am about to return to the scene of the crime. Thank God there were no witnesses!

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  1. Ok Karen,
    I not only giggled, I had to LOL!!! so when Amy gets there maybe you can take her to meet the guy with the untouchable power tool!!! 🙂
    you do have a great life from the sounds of it. and Lucky to have the family that you do.

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