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She’s On Her Way.

This weekend we will move Amelia out of her dorm after completing her freshman year. I see all these Facebook posts from friends and family that are doing the same.  We share a sense of accomplishment as parents quite different from that same sense our children experienced.

What happened these past 10 months.? Who grew, Amelia or us?  I think we both did. I think we learned to live in a space new to us both. Separation. Trust. Independence.  An empty bedroom. As an Italian mother, everyone is a criminal; every person untrustworthy and ready to grab you in the bushes as you walk to the library. I had to let that go, although Joe, stand on guard for a recon mission just in case.

My Italian father once told me I had to be a nurse or a teacher so I could be home for my kids at 3pm.  At the time I was so angry and disappointed with him for being so old school and unsupportive.  He really wasn’t- it was what he knew.  My mom hadn’t worked since 1961.  She was home, she was the carpool mom.  To my dad, that worked for the family. I’m not going to lie, there were times when I boarded a plan for the third time in a week that I felt a twinge that he may have had a point.

But this is the beginning Amelia, your beginning. You completed your first year and you are on your way. Focus on what you want to do and who you want to be.  You can truly be anything, I know you can. The beauty of 2016 vs. 1980 is there is no right or wrong answer and the options are limitless.  There are no expectations except for you to be the best you can be, all the time, as a person, a student, a daughter, a sibling, and dear God yes, a girlfriend. (Hi Skates!)

I love you, now go kick some butt.

(Jack, you’re next!)

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