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It’s a new year and with each new year, we all take time to review our shortcomings and areas for improvement.  We resolve to do better, be better, look better etc. etc. I am a work in progress and therefore I have a long list.  I thought I would take it a month at a time and add a new resolution each month…kind of a rolling resolution. During spin class on Monday morning, Adrean suggested small, attainable changes.  I agree.

So I have given this some thought and have a few immediate things to at least get me going these first few months.  So January, here we go!

Resolution for January: begin the year and jump on board the push up challenge.  Last year, the Monday Morning Crew had a plank challenge and by year end, they were slightly over a 10-minute plank.  Between the broken thumb and fractured foot and frankly my total inability to hold a plank, I believe I ended the year was just over a 45 second, knee bend, picture perfect plank.  I cannot have that again.  I will vow to do 27 push ups a day to get to the 10,000 mark for the year.  I did 3 real pushups today and 24 wall pushups.  I think the wall and I will be best friends for a while but I will get there.  If I could get to 27 real push ups in a row this year, I would consider that a success.

Off and running.  We will see what terror befalls me for February.

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