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It’s Small Business Week

Support small businesses this week and every week. By doing so, you build your community, teach your children the value of small business and benefit from these entrepreneurs.  Take a moment and think before you purchase.

  • Sometimes it takes a little longer to get a cup of coffee from a local barista but you are supporting your neighbors.
  • Lost a button or need something hemmed?  Find a local seamstress. They are out there and they are great!
  • Farm to table your thing? Find a local fresh delivery produce service. You will not regret it.

As an Italian, I love local small businesses.  There I can find good conversation, wonderful Italian desserts, breads and meats. It reminds me of going ‘downtown’ with my grandmother in the early 1970’s.

My message is not meant to pontificate or lecture, but I  hope it inspires you. Chip and I both own small businesses and support other small businesses and the Chamber of Commerce in the Capital Region.

I would love to list all the small companies I support but it would be quite lengthy. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?  But, if you’d like to know where I go for certain things, I would be more than happy to tell you.  Just email me at

Happy (small and local business) shopping!

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