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Tonight I accomplished 40 push-ups, albeit, on the wall, but none-the-less 40. The increments grow quickly and it’s only day two of lifting. My triceps hurt which may prohibit me from lifting that beautiful martini glass on Thursday night for my traditional Key Lime Martini during Grey’s Anatomy.  That would be tragic.

I am doing OK with this and am excited to feel that bit of burn.  I think that means that the muscle is tearing and building…on my way to a state of pure buff! Thursdays are a day off from my push-ups plan but  a double work out of chisel and Zumba. Now do you see the correlation to that martini?

I am ready for the Hooter’s t-shirt guy tomorrow.  Maybe I should practice a few grunts and groaning sounds when I lift the weights…..that should set him off. And perhaps I need to shed that pink Under Armour fleece for a more intense look.  Maybe leopard or the Johnny Cash, all in black seriously focused look…. Yea, that’s the ticket.

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