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Public Service Announcement- Get Checked For Skin Cancer.

Did you tan with baby oil?

Many years ago, right around this time of year in 1979, I was lying in my driveway, covered in baby oil, sun reflecting off my aluminum foil covered Steely Dan album and tanning for the junior prom. I worshiped the sun for many summers that way and I still ‘lay out’ with an SPF of 8, max of 15. I was blessed with sun happy and easy to tan Italian skin. (Doesn’t mean it’s smart.)

This morning, I was at the dermatologist for what now will become my annual skin cancer screening. I recently had a mole removed and evaluated…it was nothing, but it scared me enough to get on a schedule and be checked.

Take this post for what it’s worth. I am certainly in no position to preach but people, we need to be careful and mindful with our skin.

  • Tanning booths: probably not a good idea.
  • Tan accelerator in the sun: nope.
  • Baby oil is hard no, and anything less than a 30 SPF is dicey, even for those of us with Italian skin.

Is it too late?

Cancer is scary and, in this case, could be prevented and most definitely caught early. I admit, I was nervous about going to the doctor, undressing, and having someone look at literally every inch of my body up close and personal. That is a lot of area to cover, she should have brought a snack!

But do it. They may take a picture or two if they want to monitor something, they may not. Ladies, it is no different than an annual pap test or mammogram. Gents, it is most likely easier than the prostate exam.

We talk incessantly on social media about everything from the clothes we bought to our favorite restaurants, recipes, and sports teams. While we are out there proudly posting about our kids, friends, and family, why shouldn’t we proudly post we had a skin check, colonoscopy, or a tune up of our male/female parts.

I don’t know about you all, but I plan on living to at least 103 so I will be doing anything I can to hedge my bet. Are you with me?

Here are some websites with more information:

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