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I love to share my recipes. I am not a baker as I am very impatient and I usually am not too good at following the rules and staying within the lines. I am a cook. Cooks are open minded to new things, will try different things and perhaps even throw in an unorthodox combination of foods now and then.

This got me thinking about a recipe for the week and I thought I would go a little off the norm. PastaOnTheFloor has no political point of view yet we are surrounded these days with politics. “Pasta” is here for fun and entertainment and is truly a cathartic nonpartisan release for me, the author. That being said, I think I am very liberal in my cooking when it comes to adding cheese, chocolate or butter. I am ultra conservative with beets and liver and independently neutral with celery, fennel and kale.

So, let’s create a recipe. It is untitled, you name it. (Please post your recipe name in the comments on this site and share!)

What you need:

1 cup of open heart

1 cup of open mind

1 heaping helping of empathy, don’t skimp

Freshly formed views of love and acceptance

A smile and a wink as needed

What to do:

Gently mix all ingredients. Do not stir the pot too roughly. It doesn’t need it.

Remove all negative and judgmental points of view before mixing.

Fold in the open heart and open mind. Wait and let it rise.

If it takes a while and some criticize our cooking methods, it’s ok. We will love and accept them.

Then, just be.

Be kind

Be helpful

Be thoughtful

Be the person your dog sees when they look at you with love.

Now enjoy with family and friends and perhaps a stranger or two.

Serves as many as you can.

Buon appetito! Amore!

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