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This past week I celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary. I married a great guy and have been blessed.  I am 100% Italian…he is only 50%.  I never told my grandfather that he was not all Italian. It would have broken his heart! Now, that may sound terrible but my grandfather explained to me that it is easier with “your own kind”.  You share common values, religion and a history of traditions that you both were raised with like in my case, Sunday pasta dinner, the seven fish on Christmas Eve and a whole host of idiosyncrasies that I will have to address under separate cover.
I walked into my girlfriend’s house the other day.  She has a hair salon in her home.  It was 7:45 in the morning and I was met at the door with the most wonderful aroma of fresh sauce cooking on her stovetop. It made me smile.
My husband wanted to take me out for our anniversary dinner and I suggested that we cook. When we cook together it is like a dance…the movements are unspoken as he is knows what I need, how to cut and prepare and most importantly to keep that Prosecco coming. (I told you I was blessed) and the pumpkin crepes with brown butter & sage were spectacular!
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