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Cooking With Love

I have to break up with Sam Sifton

I have been seeing Sam Sifton for years in full view and disclosure to my husband, Chip. Every morning, Sam appears in my email with temptations of elegant charcuterie boards, outrageous breakfasts, and sweets that could tempt even a die-hard dieter. Who is Sam Sifton? Who is Sam Sifton? You need to know. Sam Sifton is the food editor at the New York Times, previously the paper's National Editor. He is slightly younger than I am, but who cares? Sam…

Woman In A Sweater Eating Soup

What? No recipe?

Cooking by the seat of your pants can be liberating. All you need to do is open your fridge or freezer, pull out the items that inspire you and just go! Sam Sifton from NYT (New York Times) Cooking is a true cooking maestro and renegade. He pens a no-recipe recipe every Wednesday. He creates and shares his recipe in paragraph form. No list of ingredients, no specific measurements, and no step by step instructions. He wants you to improvise,…