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My 30 year high school reunion is this year. I really do not believe it.  My kids gave me satellite radio for the car for Mother’s Day and I am stuck on the “70”s on 7″.  I don’t know why but I kept thinking that was my ‘mother’s music’ until I heard my prom theme and then it hit me. Holy smokes, time flies!

Now I had my kids late in life and after 3 years of fertility treatments, hormone drugs and surgeries, I have these blessed kids who keep me young and I  would die without them. BUT, they laugh that I cannot post  a picture by myself on Facebook nor can I download tunes to my iPod. And I certainly cannot do their math homework with them!

But I make a mean pizza-frita and pasta with butter and cheese and I have drilled into my son’s head that he can have 11 wives but he only has ONE mother and you love your (Italian) mother first. (and this girl will have to make sauce in front of me so I can see how she does it!)

I love being Italian and all roads in life lead to it.

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