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What’s the chance of having 2 of my favorite electronic gadgets die on the same day?  Kismet you say??

My Body Media BodyBugg and my coffee pot died today. These tragic events unfolded today and all before 6:45am.  Who can handle that kind of a blow to their chi?  I LIVE with that BodyBugg on my right arm all the time.  The watch display is not syncing to my armband and on top of all that, when it did sync, the little ‘electronic coach’ online told me I missed my goal and would not reach it until January 13, 2013.  Did he not know it was just Thanksgiving?  Did he not know that I have over 5 pounds of Christmas candy in my house and a day of holiday cookie baking looming in my near future?  UGH.

Now you have read that my doc has strongly suggested that I limit my coffee and chocolate intake.  I silently laughed at her almost absurd request.  Well fate had a say didn’t it and my poor coffee pot died this morning…time of death: 6:27am.  (listen, taps is playing in the background).  So what does any self respecting coffee freak do?  GO TO STARBUCK’S…and I had a free coffee to boot so I got my favorite:  a Venti, non-fat latte, with an extra shot and one pump of pumpkin spice. Yummo.

Being the superstitious Italian that I am, I wonder what’s next? My flat iron? Would I be doomed to Roseanne Roseannadanna hair with no hope for relaxing that mob of frizz? Banish the thought that my iPod or laptop would die.  I manage 4 email boxes for my job and one personal email.  My life would halt.  What about Frederick, my Audi?  Thank God there are St. Christopher medals in my cars to protect them!

Let’s see what a new day brings tomorrow.  My quads are killing me from spin class this morning coupled with mourning the loss of my electronic gadgets I think it is time for bed.  My son made the modified basketball team today and my daughter plays on the HS JV basketball team.  As our high school football coach says, “it’s a great day to be a warrior”.  He’s right. Life is good and I really don’t need that little BodyBugg on my arm or a steaming cup of Joe to remind me.

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